There always seems to be confusion about what marketing really means. There are many parts that make up the marketing of any product or service.

Marketing is not just one thing, one brochure, one ad, or one person involved in the process. In the end, marketing is educating. Some organizations have “marketers”, or staff we affectionately call “feet on the street”. These are your sales force, the staff that go out and tout what your organization does.

D. James acts as “back office” staff. We are the part of your team that coordinates and plans. Our goal is to educate your current and potential
customers on what you do, and to provide the tools for your “feet on the street” so they can effectively do their job.

And. . . even if you are achieving success you can’t stop marketing outreach. You must always be doing something to stay in the mind of your current or potential client, or you risk losing momentum and revenue.

As part of your team, D. James Marketing will work with you and your staff to evaluate your needs, identify obstacles, look for new revenue streams,

and prepare a plan and timeline. We will execute your outreach effectively and economically so you can achieve your mission, reach your goals and address your target audience.

D. James can provide services based on your organization’s unique situation. We can work with your in-house marketing team, as an outsourced marketing department and function as a Director of Marketing, or project-by-project to satisfy your immediate requirements.

We offer a “one stop” solution.

We have a vested interest in your success. As part of your team we network for you. We identify what needs to be achieved, work with you to create a plan within your budget, continuously look for new opportunities, and economically and efficiently help you grow.

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